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We have been learning about what working life was like for children in Victorian Britain.
On this page you can find out about Victorian Children at work. They had jobs such as Chimney sweeps, working in factory's, miners and children in Cotton Mills.

chimneysweep.gif Children clean floor, Exhauseted, Agony, Dusty Air, Dirty Body's, Live in a cellar, starving,hot ashes ,fire .

Working as a Chimney Boy was hard work and started from a early age,this was to earn more money for the family.many boys often died in the sooty chimneys as they could develop such illnesses as :asma,consumption and other fatal problems due to their soot filled lungs they.Usually used brine to to toughen their skin although it stung badly and it could take up to 3-4 years for there skin to toughen

Another pain statingly awful task is of a miner wich involved crawling dow thin passages where death from consumption was more or less certain through their childhood years.The desent to the mine was awful too the 30 seconds it took to reach the bottom was pitch black and the wind blew upwards blasting a sudden cold spell.As well as this your eardrums would have felt like they were about to burst from the sudden change in air pressure it was also very noisey down themine so if the lift didn't hurt u the noise would.

By 1840 all childre in the factory did at least 12 hours a day mon-fri saturaday was less hours with 9 hours spent at work working in factories was extremley dangerous work as the children cleaning under the machine could easely be squished by.It moved rapidly in and out the children had roughly a few seconds to clean under the machine and get out before it whacked into them.If any children were caught in the belt their arm could have been ripped off or they could have been pulled up with it and smashed against the ceiling

Chimmney Boys