Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria was crowned queen of England in 1838, although she became queen the year before. When Victoria was born in 1819, the royal family wasn't popular because Britain did not like Victoria's grandfather (King George III).The duke of Kent,Victoria's father,died when she was a baby. Victoria was then brought up by her German mother, she also had a governess to help. Most people doubted that Victoria would ever become queen. Queen Victoria met a young man called Albert, he was a German Prince. They soon fell deeply in love and Prince Albert asked Queen Victoria to marry him. Between them they had 4 sons and 5 daughters.When Queen Victoria had a photographs done (when she was older) she hardly ever smiled. Victoria's favourite hobbies include: Singing and Dancing;Painting and Drawing; Going to the Opera; Collecting dolls;Playing the piano; Writing her own diary and writing books. Which she did, they were called ' Leaves: from our Jornal of the Highlands' and ' More Leaves', in 1866 and 1884. Queen Victoria claimed her golden jubilee in 1887 and her diamond jubilee in 1897. In 1861 prince Albert died of tifoyed after that queen Victoria was in moaning for 5 years .Queen Victoria is the longest raining queen in England.The queen had a Indian servant who tought her how to speak his language.There the teachers name was Munshi (which meant teacher.)he was also very bossy but all Victoian listened to him.The queen had to work with many different prime ministers .After 1890 the Queen was not in
good health from eating to much food.