Victorian Inventions

1839- Fox Talbot invents photography
1839-Fox Talbot invents photo paper
1839-First bicycle invented
1839-Scottish blacksmith invented the first peddle bicycle
1845-Rubber tires were invented for the carages
1847-Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
1851- Ice Cream invented


1850- Post Box invented
1883- Electric Railway invented
1888- First Kodak Camera
1837- Morse Code invented
1844- Fireproof safe+ gummed envelopes invented
1851- Safety pin invented
1851- sewing machine invented
1853- Corrugated iron invented
1855- Dry-cleaning invented
1879- Light Bulb invented
1856- Gas Fires invented
1867- Typewriter invented
1871- Toilet-roll invented
1879- Cash Register invented
1880- Wrist Watch invented
1882- Electric Iron invented
1885- Skyscraper invented
1886- Dish-washer invented
1891- Electrical Torch invented
1892- Escalator invented
1893- Zip fastener invented
1895- Safety razer invented
1901- Vacuum cleaner invented
1901- Electric Washing Machine invented
1876- Telephone Invented
1863-British football is invented