Mixing music from 1948

The 50's was a popular year and the reason to this is because Elvis started singing rockn'roll.As the music was enjoyed by millions,he earned a place at the top of the charts.However he did deserve this place!

1955 was a great year to remember because Bill Haley sold the first rock 'n' roll record. The amazing hit was called Rock Around The Clock.

Another band which was well known all around the world was the one and only the Beatles! They was amazingly famous in Liverpool. They were so famous that during the day they had to wear disguises in they the day to go out in public.An unforunate event happened when John Lennon retired in 1975.


Another really popular band were ABBA. ABBA is made u
by Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-frid.Four amazing superstars!!!

A sad time in the music indestry was when the beatles split up. This was very sad for all the fans who worshiped them at there feet. This happened in 1970.

But moving on from the sad event of the Beatles splitting up was when Mariah Carey was born. This was amazing time for all of her fans now a days.Blondie is a famous singer from the1970's .Sh produced aomic ,
hart of glass and call me. another famous band in the 70's was jakson5 they prodced the aoro thme song abc esylke123 abc

In the 1980's music was great! It was very enjoyable for many people. In the 80's music became more diverse with new Jackson_five wave heavy metal raping techno pop rock and country. A lot of new tunes for people to enjoy.One of the famous bands were The Jackson5.They had many hits including:
Rockin robin
I'll be there
Dancing machine and many more.

After their sucsess Michael,the lead singer of theJackson5,decided to go solo in the 80's.His BIGGEST hit,Thriller with a 14 minuet long music video,sold MILLIONS yes Millions of copies.That just proved how much fame he had in his life.

Another fab American artist was Madonna, she sold her first album in 1983. When she was a child, Madonna's biggest ambition was to be a modern dancer! She started dancing in 1977. She noticed she could sing when she took an audition for a musical. She decided that she wanted a life in music! Some of her best songs include:
Like a virgin
True Blue
Like a pray
Ray of light and lots more!!!!!!!!!!

In 1990 the spice girls became popular, is this famous band there was posh spice,baby spice, scary spice, ginger spice, sporty spice.Which made up the spice girls. They had various different types of music.

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