Slinkys became popular in the 1940s.
Richard James invented the slinky in 1943.
In 1949 lego was invented by ole christian.
Ole was a danish toy maker.


Children played with Etch-a-sketch, colour form

Jacks and balls lncon logs.


At the park you can borrow pogo sticks

stilts,footballs and skipping ropes,cricket bats and hulla hoops.

Chirlden played hopscoth and they also played leapfrog road, knock on ginger and bouncing two balls to rhymes.


Now most houses had tvs sterio at the late 70s video recorders .This is vrc which is bigger and less hi tech than todays technogly when you lived in couldersack you could play with other kids in the streets. Also bikes were popular especially choppers and chippers. (chopper and chippers are a tipe of bikes )