50's fashion


In the 1950s the fashion was:

leather jackets,knee length dresses,

tight clothes, also jeans came out

in the 50's and are still in fashion.
Pink was also a very fashionable thing 60s
to wear around then.

60s fashion

In the 1960s the fashion was:

short hair,black and white clothes,
mini skirts , crop tops,and patterns
were very important then.Also they
liked to pose.

70's fashion


In the 70's hippy clothes,patterns and bright colours were in fashion.

Also punks were very important in that time.These are some of the fashions:

mini skirts,flared trousres,platform shoes,
tank tops,lots of different fabrics finally mix and
match coordinated knitwear.


punks in the 70s were the main fashion.They bought clothes from charity shops and cut them up and destroyed them .Also they had mohicans and dye in their hair.

80's fashions

The 80's fashion was sportswear and everthing was big around that time.These are some of the fashions:

tracksuits,trainers,legwarmers,thick belts,sleeveless shirts,

bright colours,hoop earings,big hair bows and tight leather trousers.