Joe DiMaggio
was a famous baseball player also in 1941 and 1947 Joe DiMaggio was Ameican Leagues 1941 the Yankee Clipper.

John lennon
was born in liverpool 9th October 6 : 30pm he shares the same birthday as Sharon Osbourne . Elton john was born on march the 25th 2am 1947

Meryl streeep was born on the 22 june 1949 in newjersy USA at 8:05am


.In 1959 rock legend BUDDY HOLLY died in a tragic plane crash on feburary the 3rd he was on to his next tour stop the tour .
Elvis presley was a teen pop idol in the 1950s and 1960s .

In 1955 James Dean died he died on the 30th September . He was a famous actor in the 50's he died in a tragic car crash.Sadly non of his films came out until he died.

The Beatles
The 60s was the decade of pop.
In 1962 was when the Beatles arrived in the pop scene.
They had 21 UK top ten hit singles in the 60s.
The Beatles are called John Lennon, Goerge Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul Macartny.


heavy rock group led zeppling as very popular in the 70's

in 1973 after a tour in japan deep purple were officially in the Guinness book of world records for being the words loudest band.

Jason donovan + kyie minoge
Have had a romance in T V series neighbours and in real life. They made a hit single together called Especially for you.

Michle Jakson / The Jakson 5
Michle Jakson sung a song called Thriller that was 14 minutes long and sold many millions of copies.
Jakson 5 had a hit single called ABC and had very good songs.
Michle Jakson was 51 when he died in 2009 and was born in the 50s and died 2009.